Woodbine Saddle Club
Woodbine Saddle Club

The Woodbine Saddle Club is a club that hosts many activities
throughout the year. Our members enjoy working with our
community, spending time together and improving our facilities.
We support the equestrian lifestyle.
Our Mission Statement:
 Fall horse & tack sale Sunday, October 26, 2014   
      (go to" horse sale" page for details)

  • Kids' night at the rodeo, July 9, 2015
  • Host 55th Annual Rodeo July  10 & 11, 2015
  • Rodeo parade-Saturday morning, July 11 , 2015
  • Host Spring and Fall Horse & Tack Sales
  • Annual Soup Supper & Election Meeting
  • Monthly Board & Officers Meetings
  • Rodeo Workdays-to improve and maintain grounds
  • Attend Parades
  • Members host trail rides
  • Drill Teams
  • Rodeo Queen Competition
  • Fun days in our arena
  • Scholarship program for member high school seniors
  • President: Jeff Pauley
  • Vice President: Danny & Jeanna Baxter
  • Secretary: Irene Blazak & Carey Herman
  • Treasurer: Merrill & Hazel Mohn
  • Board of Directors:
Kealy Knott, , Jeff Watkins,
yle Pauley, Eric Ireland,
Laura Kelley, Marissa Knott
Paige Pauley